Workshops in Qualitative & Quantitative Research

For many people the acquisition of a firm grounding in research has taken them a very long time if not a life time. This state of affairs represents a tremendous amount of time lost in research productivity or outputs. Things should not be like this. Time waits for no man. At DSI we offer capacity building workshops on how to conduct qualitative and quantitative research. Our team has profound experience in the theory and practice of qualitative and quantitative research and is ready to organise workshops for you. The workshops are ideal for entry-point University lecturers, NGOs (involved in rural or urban development programmes), undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral students. Contact DSI now to arrange or join a training workshop for your staff with DSI.

Workshop for Entry Level Doctoral Students (Individual or Group)

Embarking on PhD or DPhil studies is an anxious moment for most people. One isn't sure whether or not he or she is PhD material or can cope with doctoral level studies. This form of anxiety may range from not making any progress in one's studies to contemplate quitting, changing area of study or worse still changing the University one is enrolled with. At DSI we are aware of the basis of your anxiety hence are availing ourselves to prospective or newly enrolled PhD students to help in coping with the anxiety and build the necessary confidence in you to take off smoothly in your doctoral studies journey. Contact DSI us now for assistance as an individual, group or institution.

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