Workshops in Supervising Students Research Projects

Our capacity building workshops for student project supervisors are a quality assurance programme on their own. At DSI we believe that there is a minimum body of knowledge in research that every prospective supervisor should acquire in order to supervise students research projects effectively. Supervision of students entails passing on of certain critical research skills to the students. One cannot achieve this without a strong grounding in the fundamentals of research. Universities are overwhelmed with students requiring research project supervisors but unfortunately they lack prospective supervisors who are well experienced in research. As a result students are left in the hands of trial and error pilots. This results in student frustration and failure to acquire any meaningful skills in research. It's all because the majority of supervisors will be doing it for the first time, without any previous experience to bank on. The need for supervisor competency is even more demanding when dealing with students at doctoral research level. Our DSI team has what it takes to empower green academics with skills for supervising student research projects and ensure improvement of the quality of student research outputs at all levels (undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate) and institutions. Contact us now to arrange training programmes for you.

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