Introductory Chapter

This is the most important chapter of your dissertation, regardless of level. It sets the foundation for the entire research agenda. It is this chapter which determines whether your dissertation or research report is heading for a failure, pass, merit or distinction. This chapter sets the tone of the study. A clearly well thought out and articulated statement of the problem, research objectives/hypothesis or research question is an asset in the overall making of an award of a merit or distinction to any dissertation. The seamless flow of the elements of this chapter guarantees you of obtaining a high pass mark in your final dissertation. In sum, the fate of your dissertation lies in the quality of your introductory chapter. DSI is ready to take over whatever worries you have in crafting or producing an introductory chapter for your research report or dissertation. Thousands of introductory chapters in student dissertations in University libraries all over the world, have a DSI footprint as a seal of quality. So why delay in securing our assistance? Register here for assistance now!

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