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Genesis 1 verse 1: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth". In research, we also say in the beginning is the proposal. DSI staff are experts in helping you to develop your research proposal, whatever degree level you are at. A proposal is a roadmap of the intended research agenda. It's there to define the parameters of the research task ahead. In this regard, we are there to do the trailblazing task for you. We know how to knit together the essential elements of the proposal. Ours is not a trial and error service but an experience and expert backed service. The team behind services we offer, has many years of experience guiding students in research at various Universities in the World. Why wait? Register here for service now and we will provide you with the necessary assistance!


Dissertation proposals are intended to:

  • Justify and plan(or contract for) an examination venture.
  • Show how your task adds to existing examination.
  • Demonstrate to your advisor and committee that understand how to direct discipline-explicit research within an adequate time allotment.


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